We would like to take an opportunity to introduce you to the world of the Borowski Glass Art Studio which has carved out a niche for itself in the world of art lovers and has become one of the most famous creators of pieces of glass art throughout the world.

The Studio Borowski was initially founded in Germany in 1990 by Stanislaw Borowski who was born in France.  He had already gained recognition as a very fine glass artist, not only in his native Poland but throughout the world.  In 1993 his sons took over the company.  Pawel Borowski was born in Krosno, Poland in 1969 and was found to have inherited his father’s talent for creating superb glass art.  His brother Stanislaw Jan, who runs the company jointly with Pawel, also became a very talented glass artist possessing the same artisan qualities as his father and brother.  Brother Wictor is an executive of the company. 

The Borowski Family portray their love of colour, animals and nature in their fantastic glass creations at the same time allowing their amazing artistic imaginations to run riot.  Each piece is unique.  Each piece possesses its own inimitable charm whether it is gorgeous jewel colouring, wonderful tactile glass, artistic flair plus an amazing sense of humour.  The brothers constantly improve their glass working techniques, as exceptional craftsmanship is the key in the production of their famous works of art.

The Borowski Studio produces three separate Collections – The Artist Edition (which comprises of Limited Editions), the Studio Line (open editions sculptures) and the Outdoor Collection (lighted and non-lighted glass and metal sculptures).  In order to appreciate these divine collections it is really necessary to closely inspect each one as they are packed with fine details which will escape the cursory glance.  Several techniques are incorporated in each superb piece which includes glass blowing, sandblasting and engraving which combine to create each unique piece of art glass.  Each piece is incredibly tactile.  Not only tactile but breath taking in craftsmanship, design, detail and colour. 

The Outdoor Collection is unbelievably brilliant and brings a fresh approach to outdoor living plus being amazingly practical as lighting objects.  Each piece is gorgeous, fun and possesses the ‘wow’ factor.

The Borowski Glass Art sculptures make a wonderful investment as their worth increases year upon year – they are eminently collectable.

The Borowski Glass Art Studio has rocked the conventional world of Glass Art by introducing a fresh approach to glass works.  Never before has such skill and imagination been portrayed into glass sculptures.  They are now truly world leaders in the world of Glass Art.

The masterpieces from the Limited Editions collections can be found in major international galleries, private collections and museums around the world.  They have become highly prized and sought after by aficionados in the world of Glass Art and we are very proud to be able to present them and make them available to you.