Optimistic, creative, enthusiastic and authentic, this was Thomas Hoffmann, an eccentric German artist that marked a before and after in the world of design and colours.

In 1985 after his successful work as a designer and decorator in renowned German companies, Tom performs the first exhibition of his works, which shows a series of figurines created in various materials.

In 1988, taking advantage of his talent and creativity, Tom decides to found Tom’s Company with the help of his partner Arnö Muller, where they developed their own collections of designer objects for interiors, where he mixed different styles such as: Cottage, Colonial, Contemporary, Iron Forged and Asian. Thanks to the success of these collections Toms Company consolidated their position in the market quickly.

It was in 2001, following the terrible accident that hit New York on March 11, when Tom was inspired to create a couple of statues and ornaments to give to friends for Christmas and encourage them to smile again. This was the birth of Toms "Drag Collection".

Following this initiative Toms Drag Company became a reputable brand worldwide with interesting and quirky designs, decorated with bright colours and multiple ornaments.

His designs are unique pieces made by talented artists created from various materials such as marmoline, which is the result of the mixture of marble and synthetic resin. Wood , fibre or metal. All items are meticulously hand-painted in vivid colours and each of them is a true work of art.

Tom Hoffman was an artist who lived life to the fullest, his cheerful, eccentric, colourful and somewhat daring works reflect Tom’s playfulness and humour.

Thomas Hoffman sadly passed away in February 2012, but will remain alive through their drag collection force so much joy and has given many people around the world.

Fortunately Tom left many unpublished sketches and concepts, Arnö Muller and his team continue to surprise us with their new collections.

Each Drag piece carries the Tom’s Drag official logo and a certificate of authenticity which confirms the object is an original. All items are packaged in an individual stylish box.