I confirm receipt of the 3 items. Everything is fine. I am very happy to have this little figures in my collection. For me it's masterpiece !!! Thank you very much ! Hope to come back to you very soon ! Cheers

Sergey Lugovtsov, 7th October 2016, United Kingdom
I did receive my beautiful Snake as well as my Camel Both are very well received. I was surprised by the Camel's size as it came bigger than my expectation and that made me super excited. I added them to my previous collection. Thank you and kind regards.

Mufida, 2nd October 2016, Bahrain
I would like to confirm the safe delivery of King Amber and happy to say all is well. I cannot thank you enough for your exceptional service on this order and although there was a slight hic-up, your customer service throughout was brilliant. I certainly wouldn’t hesitate buying from you again (although I think you might not be so keen) and I shall definitely be recommending you to my friends and family. Again thank you very much for all you help and consideration.

Veronica, 30th September 2016, United Kingdom
I received the black dog today. It's perfect. I love it.

SANDRA MCGREEVY, 23th August 2016, Ireland
I recently received my package, which I am very happy. I just want to tell you, that I'm really very satisfied with your service! Next time I 'll definitely be back!

MADDY, 21th August 2016, Netherlands
We finaly received your parcel this 17.06 at 18h30. We are very happy with the presentation of booth paintings on the walls of our appartement. It is a success. Thanks anyway for your collaboration.

René Hostyn, 17th June 2016, Belgium
The ship arrived in perfect conditions on the 7th June and I'm very happy about the rapid delivery times! Thank you for your interest regarding your client.

Sara, 9th June 2016, Italy
I thank you, the parcel arrived well yesterday intact, thank you for your speed, cordially.

DAVID Monique, 9th June 2016, France
Hello Davinia,
My order arrived and I am so happy with it. I loved the service that you provide from handling my order and the follow up procedures Every thing from A to Z went very smooth, easy and with proper timing The payment methods was very easy. The items were very well packaged for international shipping.
The sekretza team are very friendly and customer focus Ben Smith was very supportive and helped me a lot to place my order. He is very professional in handling orders specially for sites that need international shipping. This is for sure not my last time to order from this site and I so happy with my order.
Thank you all for the good job.

Sara Al-Hail, 7th June 2016, Qatar
I received my order with the 2 different cats on friday 6th. All is perfect. Thank you for your time.
With my best regards.

Catherine Teil, 6th May 2016, France
I received my order and I'm very satisfied. Everything was perfect.Thank you very much.

Sabrina Enzini, 27th April 2016, Italia
He recibido los productos hoy y están en perfecto estado. Estoy muy satisfecho de mis compras. Muchas gracias.

Jean-Michel, 12th April 2016, France
Produit magnifique, support client parfait ! Un réel plaisir de commander sur ce site, de plus les prix sont très intéressant ! A bientôt !

Marion, 17th December 2015, France
My order has arrived yesterday, the products are ok! Thank you for having sent them early! Have a good day!

Daniela, 22nd October 2015, Italia
Order has well arrived and everything is just perfect! Thank you so much for this top service and follow - up! I'm enchanted!

Maria Teresa Zanca, 2nd October 2015, France
I received my order, everything was successful Thank you for the attention received.

Montse Moreno, 7th July 2015, Spain
OH MY Goodness! I love my new Toms Drag Bulldog! She will be a perfect addition to my Bulldog collection! I couldn't be happier!

Janet, 24th June 2015, EEUU
My order arrived. All items are in excellent condition. I am very happy with my new Tom's Company pieces and with the service provided by Sekretza.

Lizabeta, 16th June 2015, EEUU
The duck has arrived. Thank you it is fabulous.

Shirley Thornton, 5th May 2015, United Kingdom
Tutto benne. Sono soddisfatto. Saluti.

NICOLO' Navarra, 18th April 2015, Italia
Roxanne arrived safe and sound today and looks sensational in her new home. Thank you so much.

Myra Bunis, 17th April 2015, United Kingdom
We received the Toms Drag Art stool today and it arrived in perfect condition. We are very happy with it.

Norman, 21st March 2015, USA
Thank you for dispatching my order so well packed. It arrived safely today. I am very pleased with it. It would have been good if the parcel had included multi- coloured candles to fit. I am very pleased with the help and attention I have received during this purchase.

Angela, 6th March 2015, United Kingdom
My cat figure bowl arrived safely and in perfect condition. Thank you.

Martha Siemensma, 15th February 2015, Australia
Yes everything arrived, am very happy with the service and the items. Thanks

Maureen Jenkinson, 9th February 2015, Australia
The two statues arrived ok and I'm truly amazed with them. They are so pretty and the attention that I received for the order was amazing! Thank you very much!

Leticia Alves, 5th February2015, Brazil
I received Scotie in an excellent shape. Many thanks for you, as always, terrific service!

Janusz , 28th January 2015, Canada
Thank you very much. The thing is good. I will definitely contact you for more purchases in the future. Thank you.

Albert Mao , 21st January 2015, Singapur
J'ai bien recu la statue en parfait état et je vous en remercie. J'attends la deuxième avec impatience. je n'hésiterai pas à recommander votre site pour son sérieux. Cordialement.

Alain, 10th January 2015, France
The rhino is right here next to me. We were pleasantly surprised to find it at our doorstep this morning. I absolutely love it. Thanks so much.

Diane, 1st January 2015, UK
It arrived today and I am totally delighted. Couldn't believe how quickly it got here. Thanks so much.

Sammy, 26th December 2014, EEUU
Order arrived safe and sound and I am delighted with Sheila my camel. O will be ordering more items very soon, have a wonderful Xmas, kind regards.

Margaret Rees, 25th December 2014, United Arab Emirates
I got them today, just in time for christmas:) Both the hand and the figure looks great, i'm really happy with them.

Truls Bettum, 24th December 2014, Norway
Merci beaucoup, je viens de recevoir les 2 très jolis paquets, ils sont posès au pied du sapin, vivement Noël!

Sylvie Mazet, 16th December 2014, France
Bonjour, je vous remercie pour ce message qui démontre que votre site est sérieux et professionnel. La livraison s'est bien passée , produit très bien emballé. Délai très court de livraison 1 semaine. Je vous recommande et je n'hésiterais pas à recommander sur votre site même si vous etes situé en Espagne. Car tous les sites même en France ne sont pas sérieux ni commerçant. Encore une fois félicitation.

Jean Louis, 12th December 2014, France
Ciao, UNA BELLA NOTIZIA, tutto OK e contentissima dell ordine che ho fatto, ringrazio per la GENTILEZZA e la CORDIALITÀ' che avete avuto. Spero per l anno prossimo quando avrò i soldi prenderò anche l altro mobile il cabinet black. Un cordiale saluto a tutti Voi e complimenti per il lavoro svolto. Grazie

Daniela, 20th November 2014, Italia
I have received my order. I am very happy to receive your products, and very appreciate your service. Best regards

Kuo Heng Cheng, 13th November 2014, Taiwan
We received our order today. It is magnificent and the service was outstanding. I recommend you with 10 stars!!!!!!!!!! We will definitely be ordering again from you! Kind regards

Denise, 12th November 2014, EEUU
My order arrived and I am very pleased with the prompt delivery. Thanks

Ian, 11th November 2014, U.K.
Nelly and Peter finally arrived! They are very beatiful, much more than in the picture. I am very satisfied. Thank you, my best regards

Attilio, 03rd November 2014, Italia
Good afternoon, the order has arrived perfectly and I am very happy with your service. I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future if and when I decide to purchase something else. Thank you for following up with me.

Eva Medes, 29th October 2014, Spain
.... it did arrive indeed and everything is just fine,.. thanx. I have to make a compliment about the way you wrapped the items in,... very good!

Richard, 23rd September 2014, Germany
I received the order yesterday, much earlier than I expected it and I was pleasantly surprised how fast my order was shipped. I was also very pleased how my order had been packaged with ample protection. Thank you Sekretza for your attention to detail and great service.

Tamara Cillero, 1st October 2014 Madrid, Spain
We received both pieces of furniture on Friday 19th. Both were very well packaged and in very good condition. Thank you for your prompt service.

M.C., 23rd September 2014 Manchester, UK.
J'ai bien reçu mon MR BARCLEY, délais un peu long mais justifié par votre service de commandes. Colis très bien emballé, je suis ravie ! Merci à vous

MME BOURDEAUD'HUI, 16th July 2014 France
Bonjour, Je vous confirme avoir bien reçu mes colis et en très bon état. merci pour votre sérieux, les statues sont magnifiques... Peut-être à une prochaine fois. Bien cordialement

MME VIDALUC, 11th June 2014 France
Good morning, I have just received it. It arrived in less than 24 hours after receiving your shipment notification – that’s quick! It arrived perfectly. Thank you for everything.

Maria, 10th June 2014 Madrid. Spain