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Terms & Conditions

Tom's Drag & Borowski are Handmade Items

Customer's should note that as these pieces are involved in a handmade process, they may have defects in the paint finishes, and colours, weights and dimensions can vary from the product descriptions. If we do not have a piece in stock, our estimated delivery time to receiving it from the manufacturer can vary slightly as these products are not mass produced.

Order Fulfilment and Cancellations

If for whatever reason Sekretza cannot fulfil your order, Sekretza reserves the right to cancel your order and within a minimum of 48 hours a refund and credit note will be created against the order made.

Free Shipping Promotion

We do our best to offer free shipping on shipments to Europe (except Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cyprus, Corsica, Greece, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Kosovo, Malta, Macedonia, Montenegro and Turkey), but unfortunately some of our products, mainly mirrors, furniture, tall and large sculptures are not included in this offer. The free shipping promotion does include insurance. For shipping promotions outside of Europe, please contact us

Delivery Exceptions / Returned to Sender

If for whatever reason our courier company is unable to deliver to you, they will normally attempt to re-deliver your order. But in some instances, if they are continuously unsuccessful they may return the product to us. Any charges incurred to Sekretza for unreasonable storage days or additional storage is payable by the customer.

Borowski Commercial Restrictions

Due to Borowski´s commercial agreements with other international distribution partners, Sekretza is unable to sell and ship to the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Singapur, Taiwan, Korea, Malasia, Macau, Japan, Kasachstan, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Panama, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand, Austria & Belgium.

Other General Terms:

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For orders over €3000 we require a copy of your Passport, NIE or DNI otherwise your order may be cancelled