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Bull Figure El Toro XL – Tom’s Drag
Here we have a number of themes rolled into one.  One the one hand we have elegance, magnificence and majestic and on the other hand we have colourful and crazily weird.  Meet Bull Figure El Toro. 

Perched on top of El Toro’s noble head between his gilded horns is a very fancy golden crown decorated with dangling jewels and feathers.  His profile is kingly and elegant and from there El Toro turns into a splendid creature that has been decorated right down to his gold hooves with the brightest colours of the rainbow. 

He has a zebra striped leg and a black and white spotted leg!  His rear legs are plunged into very imaginative golden boots.  El Toro XL is 50cms x 54cms and is made from marmorin which is a substance derived from mixing synthetic resin and marble together thus creating a substance similar in looks and feel to top quality ceramic. 

He is unique and has been lovingly hand painted by the talented team of artists at Tom’s Drag Company and you can buy El Toro XL from our Online Shop at a very low price.

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Toms Drag BULL Figure El Toro XL

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Product code: 006.101810

BULL "EL TORO" measures 50 x 54cm. Tom's Drag Animals collection by Thomas Hoffmann.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 101810
Material Marmorine
Tom's Drag Collections Tall Animals Collection
Limited Edition Qty No