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OCTOPUS CANDLEHOLDER – TOM’S DRAG – This incredible candleholder has to be one of the most colourful, outrageous, bright, vivacious, screamingly over-the-top designs ever to be seen on the current market and it is brought to you by the world famous Tom’s Drag Company.  Measuring 40cms x 50cms it has ever colour under the sun emblazoned upon it so it does not matter what your décor colour is, you will find one to match it on the Octopus Candleholder.

You will always find a slash of the famous harlequin black and white chequering much loved by Tom Hoffman from his love of motor racing.  The Octopus Candleholder is absolutely unique.  It has been hand painted by the famous team of Tom’s Drag artists who have meticulously painted it using the very highest quality paints which adhere to the European Safety Standards.  You will love the way the Octopus has a very knowing eye on the situation and he very carefully balances your candles in his competent hands! 

Buy this fantastic candleholder today from our Online Shop where we offer the Octopus Candleholder to you at a very affordable price plus our online support and advice.

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Toms Drag Candleholder OCTOPUS

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Product code: 006.3496

Candleholder Octopus, dimensions: 40 x 50 cm. Candlesticks collection byToms Drag Company.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 3496
Material Marmorine