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Tom’s Drag 4131 – Clown Figure Ugo L – stands tall at a magnificent 25cms!  He is the embodiment of comic fun. 

Ugo L is a unique work of art from the studio of Tom’s Drag Company having been hand painted and hand finished by the Tom’s Drag Company artists.  Clown Figure Ugo L is dressed as from head-to-toe in multi-coloured vividly painted clothing.  His hat is jewel encrusted, his clothes outrageously bright, with a tie which hangs down to his toes, which, incidentally peep through his open-toed shoes showing that his toes are gaudily painted in red nail polish!

Ugo L is made from marmarin which is a substance derived from mixing marble and synthetic resin together.  This produces an amazing medium very similar in appearance to high grade ceramic.  Ugo L is beautifully finished in a very high glaze over and beyond is bright red nose! 

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Toms Drag Clown Figure UGO

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Product code: 006.4131

Clown Ugo is 25cm tall, Ugo is part of Circus collection by Tom's Drag Company.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 4131
Material Marmorine
Tom's Drag Collections Characters Collection
Limited Edition Qty No