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MIRROR CROWN – TOM’S DRAG – This is a truly eye catching mirror from the Tom’s Drag Company.  It measures 60cms x 100cms and has been manufactured from wood (MDF).  This mirror will be loved by all who possess a sense of humour, a sense of fashion and style plus a love of the brightest colours in life.  The Mirror Crown has the largest ‘crown’ imaginable and obviously painted in gold.  The rest of the frame bears all the ‘sunshine’ colours offering a very upbeat, cheerful impact with the exception of the black and white harlequin chequering emblazed across the top.  This signifies Tom Hoffman’s love of motor racing and is omnipresent on all items from Tom’s Drag Company.  The Mirror Crown has been very carefully hand painted by the team of Tom’s Drag artists who use only the very highest quality paints all which conform to the European Safety Standards.  It is therefore unique.  There is no other mirror the same.  However, should you damage the mirror it can be easily replaced as access is available from the back making the glass replacement not a problem.  Add a powerful fashion statement to you home and buy the amazing Mirror Crown from our Online Shop at our crazy low prices.  We will also offer you both advice and support.

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Toms Drag CROWN Mirror

In stock (Ships in 2 to 4 weeks)

Product code: 006.101608

Striking crown mirror in drag colors. A real eye catcher.
Hand painted frame of wood (MDF). Size 60 cm x 100 cm
When broken, the mirror glass can easily be replaced. All mirrors can be opened on the backside.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 101608
Material MDF