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Dog Figure  Mr. Barcley – Tom’s Drag 
Mr. Barcley is 36cms.  He’s even wearing the same golden spectacles that his smaller brother wears!  He is completely unique; he is hand finished and hand painted which makes him an incredibly collectible item.  

He has been manufactured from a combination of synthetic resin and marble that creates a durable substance known as marmorin which is very similar to high grade ceramic. Mr. Barcley has then been hand painted in every vivid colour known to man.  

He is wearing a black peaked cap held onto his head by a string of sparkling ‘diamonds’, he  has ‘diamonds’ encrusted around the cuff of his pants which top his golden boots. 

If you are a lover of funky, crazy, brightly coloured objects d’art then you must buy Dog Figure Mr. Barcley and put him alongside the Little Mr. Barcley.  

The two Dog Figures together will make a superb statement of fashion in your home.   

Buy the Barcley in our Online Shop and our ever low prices.

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Toms Drag Dog Figure MR. BARCLEY

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Product code: 006.3534

Mr Barcley dog is 36cm. Mr Barcley is part of Animals Collection by Tom's Drag Company.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 3534
Material Marmorine
Tom's Drag Collections Animals Collection
Limited Edition Qty No