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Elephant XXL Alexander is an elegant free standing statue created by the skilled artist from the magnificent Tom’s Drag Company who pride themselves in producing intricate artwork with a unique touch of quirk. Standing at 125cms tall, Alexander stands tall in striking silver boots on top of a glossy grey rectangular plinth. His long legs have elaborate decorative segments , each with an individual vibrant patterns that include a black and white giraffe design, Zebra stripes, floral swirls and abstract symmetric designs. The elephant’s noble head has wonderfully large ears sticking out on either side with the magnificent “silver Line” pattern on one ear and a slight variation of the “Silver Line” colouration and design on the other. Each ear has the Tom’s Drag harlequin check running around the edge. A beautifully long swirling trunk runs down the statue and ends with an interesting pink mouth. If you are looking for that special something that will be decorative as well as eye-catching and will reflect your spectacular interior style, then Sekretza is the place for you! Find a wide range of stylish decorative pieces at the right price in our online store where you can buy Elephant XXX Alexander from the Tom’s Drag Company’s “Silver Line” Collection.

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Toms Drag Elephant ALEXANDER XXL

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Product code: 006.102166

Elephant Alexander XXL, by Toms Drag Company. It belongs to the new collection of Tom’s Drag, released in January 2016.
Dimensions 125 x 52 x 44cm.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 102166
Material FIB
Limited Edition Qty No