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Tom’s Drag Princess Cat DIANA L is from Tom’s Drag Collection.  This sophisticated kitty is elegantly stunning.  Cat Diana is made from marmorin, a very clever substance derived from mixing marble with synthetic resin, which gives a high gloss ceramic appearance which is both durable and tactile. 

Cat Diana is a white pussy cat underneath her royally coloured clothes.  Her head is topped by an elegant golden crown; she has an orchid on her ear, a divine cigarette holder, lashings of lashes, a superbly coloured outfit and gorgeous gold boots. 

Cat Diana is 24cms tall and terribly elegant with her black and white chequered tail. 

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Toms Drag Princess Cat DIANA L

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Product code: 006.3673

Princess cat Diana L, dimensions: 24cm x 16cm. Princess cat collection by Toms Drag.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 3673
Material Marmorine
Limited Edition Qty No