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Tom’s Drag – Anton S

Anton S is a very elegant snail and he is one of the latest additions to the famous Tom’s Drag Collection.  Anton M measures 21cms x 14cms and he has been produced in a substance called marmorin which is derived from the combination of synthetic resin and marble.  This mixture produces a substance very similar to a high grade ceramic, it is very smooth and finishes in an ivory colour.  

Anton L has on a very jaunty top hat complete with harlequin black and white chequers which is Tom Hoffman’s signature theme.  Anton is swathed in a golden cloak which slides underneath his technicolour dream shell!  

You will see every bright, vivid colour of the rainbow on Anton’s shell showing Tom’s total dedication to all things bright, vivacious, colourful, funky and fun.  Anton is unique as he has been hand finished and hand painted.  

As always there will be a strip of the harlequin black and white chequering attributed also to Tom plus the famous Tom’s Drag logo.  

Anton is also available in L and M so why not start a collection and buy all three of these wonderful sculptures in our Online Shop where you will be amazed at our extraordinarily low prices.

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Toms Drag Snail ANTON S

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Product code: 006.4230

Snail Anton S by Toms Drag Company. Dimensions 21x 14cm.

Additional Information
Manufacturer Toms Drag
Manufacturer Reference Number 4230
Material Marmorine
Tom's Drag Collections Animals Collection
Limited Edition Qty No